Plan Profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns in Minutes With Our Exclusive Worksheet

Free FB Ad Worksheet

Joe Loves How Fast He Can Plan Profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns To Perfection With Our Exclusive Powerful Worksheet…Now It’s Your Turn!

In mere minutes, you’ll get the clarity and peace of mind knowing the numbers you need to reach your campaign goals without having to be a math genius.


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Our go-to ad planning tool for 4 years, this worksheet will determine:

  • How much you can spend per click
  • How much you can spend per opt-in
  • How much money you’re likely to make
  • Whether it’s worthwhile to fine tune your funnel to improve your conversions or not
  • What your break even point on your campaign will be
  • How upsells and downsells added to your funnel can impact your bottom line
  • …and much more!

About Sharon Hayes

Sharon is a marketing & business strategist who has built and sold numerous companies and has helped grow thousands of organizations of all sizes.

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